I'm Joep van Urk a photo-/videographer from Amsterdam. I love to combine sporting and shooting with travelling.

Digital imagine is originally founded by Marco van Urk in 2001. One of his specialties was creating photos with multiple ‘layers.’ After five years, he decided to pursuit a different career, but he never put his camera down. Currently he is mastering the discipline of street photography.

From the start I thought that Digital imagine was a name that fits what I do really well, therefore in 2011 when I’ve begon doing more and more with photography I asked if I could take over Digital imagine. He agreed and so Digital imagine became mine. 

Nowadays Digital imagine is busy creating stunning extreme sports photos and videos as well as pleasing portraits.

Clients:  Saiko, Xion protective gear, Hemsted, Stephan Honing Golf, Disco Dolly
Main industry:  Extreme sports & Portrait